Director of Training

Shanenn has been in the real estate business for over 25 years and is a member of the Buckingham Blue Door Society with 14 years at The Buck. She began her career in multi-family on site but her love for training and operations led her to the corporate office where she is now the Director of Operations Training. Managing the company’s training processes, she has her finger on the pulse with almost every Buckingham entity. Most people at Buckingham know Shanenn as the captain of Buckingham Companies Dance Company, where she began her rein in 2017 during our annual conference. When she isn’t choreographing dance routines, she’s managing a house full of boys including her two sons. Shanenn is a member of Buckingham’s Blue Door Society and is also a Foundation supporter.

"I’m very close with my operations team. Each of us is opinionated and dedicated to the company’s mission, vision and values. As time has gone on, Buckingham has grown, but we are still a close-knit family."

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