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Employee Spotlight

Keith Veal, Vice President Development, Buckingham Foundation

What is your role here at Buckingham?
I have a passion for people, community, real estate development and for entrepreneurship. This role is the convergence of all of those passions, but what really attracted me to Buckingham was the culture that allows those passions to thrive.

What makes for a great work environment?
A culture of empowerment and giving people the tools they need to succeed. This enables people have a positive attitude coming into the office and that is contagious. That’s what makes work fun.

What is your goal here at Buckingham over the next few years?
My goal is to inspire a movement, a series of movements and build affordable housing that enhances quality of life. That transforms community while also representing the Buckingham brand.

What’s your favorite thing about Buckingham?
The culture. When I think about the magnitude of the ship that is Buckingham, the culture that exists within that drives the ship, and all the internal components and the infrastructure, and how that translates into what people see. To know that there is this really cool culture inside is inspiring.

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Headshot of team member Keith Veal.

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