Sila Capital Selects Buckingham Companies for Third-Party Management

Buckingham Companies, a fully integrated real estate investment firm, managing a portfolio of more than $4 billion in real estate for its own account and institutional partners, today announced its selection to manage two Sila Capital communities in suburban Indianapolis.

Buckingham, which has more than 400 employees across nine states, recently assumed management of Apex at Perry Crossing and Echo Park at Perry Crossing. Both communities are located in Plainfield, Indiana. Buckingham has the local knowledge and infrastructure to offer the distinct and intimate management approach Silas sought.

“We’re a 40-year-old company headquartered in Indianapolis, so our support teams were there on Day 1 of the transition. That immediate availability and our ability to be responsive and collaborative is invaluable,” said Ian Bingham, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Buckingham Companies. “Our nationwide footprint and local Midwest expertise ensures that property teams in the region are fully supported. They get hands-on training and mentoring, and we have the capacity to backfill staff locally.”

Unlike larger property management companies that deploy a help desk feature queue, Buckingham engages directly with clients. For a small but sophisticated firm like Sila Capital, the ability to engage and strategize with the Buckingham team carried great value. In an era where multifamily portfolios are largely being consolidated, Buckingham’s right size allows for both significant resources and a specialized approach to each asset under management. In its efforts to expand its property management portfolio and become the boutique operator of choice in the Midwest, partnerships with like-minded owners such as Sila Capital are helping to establish an alternative to big box property management.

“We wanted a local management company with the expertise and agility to effectively support and manage our assets,” said Sila Capital founder Felix Shalit. “Buckingham is entrenched in the Indianapolis market and meets what we were seeking. We’re pleased to partner with Buckingham on these two communities and look forward to building our relationship moving forward.”

Buckingham and Sila Capital are also engaged in a new development project, also located in suburban Indianapolis. That community is slated to open in 2026.