Senior Vice President, Development

As senior vice president of development, Scott is responsible for managing the development process for Buckingham, from site selection to construction management. Scott thinks big picture, but if you get to know Scott you quickly learn that success is in the details. Overseeing flagship mixed-use development projects, Scott brings construction, hospitality, and residential multi-family real estate experience to the table, and lots of it. Scott led the development efforts of more than $2.4 billion in investments and the construction of over $800 million in new construction with a focus on residential and hospitality development. Buckingham prides itself on a personal and customized approach to its developments. It’s more than the interior finishes or architecture – it’s about details. For Scott, it’s about the emotional connection to the environment, and that sort of approach carries through to the very last drop of paint. Scott served honorably in the United States Navy and Buckingham hopes he brings back his flat top. Scott also holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree and Bachelor of Environmental Design degree from Ball State University, which is very useful when he starts doodling all over the construction team’s plans. 

“I like to look at things differently and take a different approach, one that has the experience of the end user always in the forefront. That’s not always typical for developers, and Buckingham makes it priority one.” 

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