VP, Brand & Marketing

Jim heads up our in-house, full-service marketing team. Branding, strategy, creative services, leasing and social media – they do it all and have fun doing it. From professional sports to Vegas casinos, Jim has completed strategy and branding work for a wide range of industries. His background in economic development and passion for architecture and construction has helped him thrive in the real estate industry for the last 10+ years. At Buckingham, a project is an immersive experience and Jim is involved in all levels of that experience. From naming and brand identity to the music playing when you walk in, it’s the details that count, and Jim makes sure every detail is accounted for. His proudest achievement is that he recently named and is deep into the branding process of two children for his wife: Oscar and Lola. 

“We create experiences at Buckingham, and every little detail counts. It’s a borderline-ridiculous level of detail that makes us different. We find a way to take a creative approach to everything we do, while maintaining maximum efficiency and we’re proud of that.”


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