General Counsel

As General Counsel, Andy provides legal counsel, advice and services intended to enable Buckingham to achieve its business objectives without exposing Buckingham to inappropriate legal risks. If that sounds like pretty serious work, that’s because it is. In-house legal counsel for a dynamic real estate developer, construction company and management firm is a pretty challenging job. Land agreements, investment agreements, construction management agreements, residential leases, commercial leases, fair housing practices, the list of agreements and legal considerations is endless, unfortunately our general counsel won’t let us disclose the exact number. Additional duties for Andy include unofficial Buckingham MC at company events, occasional stand up comedy and impromptu musically inspired entertainment. Once you get past that that Notre Dame law degree and 15+ years of legal experience, Andy’s just a regular guy. Andy and his legally bound life partner have three boys, spending most of their free time coaching and cheering them on in baseball, football and basketball. One last thing, the legal disclaimer…

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