Chief Operating Officer

Scott works with the executive team to establish the strategic plan and financial goals for the organization and to maximize the performance of the company and each property. In his role, Scott oversees acquisitions, property management, asset management, capital expenditures, information technology, human resources, and marketing, and serves on the board for Buckingham Foundation. Scott keeps the team focused, efficient and, most importantly, accountable. He has overseen tens of thousands of residential units across the country in his career, bringing unparalleled industry expertise to our leadership team. Service is the number one priority at Buckingham and Scott demands it at every level of the company. Real estate management requires a high-performing operations team to best serve residents, investors, clients, and management teams. Scott has established an operations structure at Buckingham that utilizes the best technology, information, and communications strategies in the business. Way beyond best practices here – Buckingham is setting the standard. But even Scott takes a break from streamlining the business once in a while, spending time with his daughter, Samantha, and golfing, microbrew in hand, when the central Indiana climate allows it, of course. He also maintains relationships with his classmates at the University of Iowa and DePaul University as well as with co-workers at RREEF and Colonial Properties Trust, where he spent the past twenty years combined. 

“Our culture is based on creativity, passion, service and efficiency. That’s a very interesting and healthy combination for any organization, and it’s what sets Buckingham apart.”  

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