Training & Development Coordinator

Rosey is the Dean of Buckingham University, which is Buckingham Companies’ online training portal for continuing education and onboarding courses. On your first day at Buckingham, you’re guaranteed to work with Rosey in some way, whether it’s completing paperwork or taking a tour of the corporate offices. From the HR team, Rosey oversees our development and internship programs and is the liaison to the maintenance team. Like most, Rosey started as a leasing consultant working her way up to property manager where she discovered her passion for training others to be successful. When she has a free moment, you can find her sipping margaritas at a local watering hole or driving to Muncie to visit her daughter, who’s currently a radiology student at Ball State University. She’s also a member of BCDC (Buckingham Companies Dance Company) and a regular volunteer with Buckingham Foundation and School on Wheels.

I love meeting all the new hires and being able to give them a warm welcome and first impression of Buckingham Companies as they start this new chapter in their lives.

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