Floating Property Manager

Starting out as a Property Manager for five different properties, Rachel now works for the operations team ensuring that properties are compliant with the company's financial and operating policies and procedures. Her main goal is to mitigate risks and provide one-on-one property manager training. Having experience with remodels, lease-ups, and fee-managed properties, Rachel acts as a floating property manager to assist when needed and bring properties up to speed with her knowledge and expertise. As she works with other team members, Rachel will be developing and delivering web-based training to increase overall property compliance and ensure everyone is trained properly on Buckingham policy and procedures. As a new homeowner, Rachel stays busy with her husband raising three boys in Indianapolis.


“There’s a lot going on at one single property. As long as you know what you need to focus on in your position, the rest is just making connections with people and knowing you have an impact on their lives every day, so make the most of it.”

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