Senior Vice President, Construction

Nate brings over 15-years of experience to Buckingham in the construction and development industry, specializing in multifamily, commercial, and office construction. Under his tool belt, he's managed and lead over $600+ million in construction revenue, having touched numerous projects in the surrounding Indianapolis area. Nate is responsible for the oversight of daily operations, which includes pre-construction, project management, site supervision, quality and cost control, along with long-term staffing and strategic planning. Outside of changing the face of downtown Indianapolis, Nate is usually training for the next Indy Mini Marathon, counting eight in a row so far. He's also the founder and captain of the Buckingham Bowling League and loves participating in intramural sports, as long as they are competitive.

“The root of any development complication can be broken down into a simple cause and effect; our mission at Buckingham is to proactively eliminate these complications through transparent communication and detailed processes thanks to the diversified experience Buckingham team members possess."

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