Director, Human Resources

Real estate might be in her blood, but human resources is her passion. Emily found herself at Buckingham already having a strong understanding of the real estate industry but was ready to carve a new path in human resources. Since 2004, Emily has been a vital component to her department offering a variety of skills including administration and strategy for personnel management, compensation and payroll, benefits, talent acquisition, employee retention, new hire onboarding, and relationship building. Emily sees herself as a strategic partner managing the human resources relationship with the many facets of Buckingham and advocating for the 'One Company, One Vision' CEO focus. Buckingham's desire to make change happen and be risky is what she believes makes her job easy because those risks are what attract the right people, who want to be imaginist and the first to take a product to the next level. Emily is an avid participant in the Buckingham bowling league and frequent striker. She is also a strong supporter of Buckingham Foundation and is the HR advocate for the Foundation. Emily's main focus at Buckingham is building relationships with employees and ensuring those who make the business run are well taken care of. 

"The biggest asset is the people we have. They are the ones who want to take us to the next level and I want to help place the right employees along that path of success at Buckingham."

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