At Buckingham, we have a rich history of growth led by our innovation and willingness to push the standard. As our company evolves and the world changes, we continue to adapt and challenge industry standards. To that end, we aim to fully integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices that are aligned with our business strategy and stakeholder interests. We believe that this type of sustainable investing can help us build stronger portfolios for our clients—from both financial performance and environmental/social impact standpoint.

Our strategy for ESG integration is aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, preserving communities, increasing value, and reducing risk. From development and construction to investments and property management, we maintain an eye toward value creation and sensitivity toward relative affordability—while creating unique spaces that are sustainable for our team, residents, communities, and the planet. In doing so, we seek to manage risk while generating strong and sustainable investment returns.

Our principles for ESG integration are very much aligned with the specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that weigh heavily into our industry and business at Buckingham. We look toward these as a framework and guidepost for the factors we prioritize in our integration strategy—particularly as it relates to the “E” and the “S” in ESG. This is because we view ESG integration with both an investment and organizational lens—and primarily align our principles with the following SDGs: