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By Ryan Smith

Hotel bars often bring to mind one of two things: overpriced, stuffy old establishments or lounges filled with businessmen watching sports and drinking beers after a day of meetings. In recent years, however, a wealth of new boutique hotels and design-minded renovations have made us rethink what a hotel bar can be. Now, there seems to be a new, beautifully designed space with amazing drink lists sprouting up in every city. To help ensure you're only going to the very best ones, we've scored the country to find those locations that are must-visits. Here, we’ve listed some of our favorite bars, each in a different state—from Alaska to Nevada—proving that wherever work or life may take you, you won’t have to settle for the old expectations.

Plat 99 at the Alexander (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Billing itself as a mixology lounge, this massive three-level bar is a colorful, well-designed bar with some serious drinks. Local seasonal ingredients from Indiana farmers help keep the menu fresh.