CityWay isn’t open yet, but it’s already been vandalized.

The downtown development commissioned English graffiti specialist Nick Walker to bombard its parking facilities with murals spotlighting his signature character “Vandal”: a bowler‐hatted gentleman who paints his world red (not to mention blue, green, orange and yellow).

Walker is several days into his work, with the Vandal already visible as he rides a bicycle on one wall and camps out under an umbrella on another.

At first glance, the character in a pinstriped suit doesn’t seem geared for mischief.

“That’s a decoy,” Walker said. “Anyone dressed like that, you’d never expect him to be doing graffiti.”

The installation is part of a collaboration between the Indianapolis Museum of Art and real‐estate developer Buckingham Companies.

The IMA and Buckingham will place more than 40 works by 20 contemporary artists inside The Alexander, 333 S. Delaware St., a boutique hotel at CityWay.

Buckingham creative director Jim Smith said CEO Bradley Chambers challenged his staff to bring creativity to the parking facilities. The IMA’s contemporary art department chairman, Lisa Freiman, brought Walker to the project.

“Five months ago, Bradley said that we want to make sure the garage is at the same level as the hotel and the same level as the (apartment) residences: ‘We can’t just have a plain, boring garage,’” Smith said.

Within England’s “street art” movement, Walker is a contemporary of Banksy, the famed underground tagger who strives to remain anonymous.

In 2008, Walker sold $1.5 million of paintings and prints during a solo exhibition at a London gallery.

Bristol, home to both Walker and Banksy, has hosted a street art festival titled “See No Evil” for two years running. Walker contributed an eight‐story version of the Vandal pouring a bucket of paint on the side of a building.

CityWay’s large concrete spaces appeal to Walker.

“You put work on a door these days, chances are that it will go missing and end up in an auction,” he said.