Take your internship to the next level.

The real estate industry is full of options from development to construction and asset management to property management. Buckingham is a full service real estate firm, and we provide opportunities for current college students to explore these different paths all under one company. But don't get us wrong. This isn't your typical internship of memorizing people's coffee orders. Our interns are the ones researching potential buys, creating websites, rolling-out new technology, and assisting in managing an actual property. If you don't like a hands-on experience, then this isn't the ideal place for you. Ask questions. Learn something. Grow with us. And become part of the Buckingham family.


  • 12-18 week program with a focus on one of Buckingham's four areas of operations: Development, Construction, Property Management, and Aquisitions
  • Must be a current college student
  • Rate of pay: $14/hour
  • Multiple positions available within each area of operations

Interested? Submit your resume to a member of our human resources team today.

I had no idea what to expect from my internship with Buckingham at Aertson. I'm excited to be here to see how Buckingham's mission continues to shape the Nashville community.

Tara Ames, Resident Ambassador