2019 is upon us, and at Buckingham, we are buzzing with new projects, acquisitions, goals, and initiatives as we start the New Year. Whether it’s a personal goal or a work-related resolution, everyone at Buckingham has something they are working towards in 2019. Let’s hear from some of our team members and what they are striving for this year:

  • Todd Allen, Vice President of IT: Better document and organize key IT processes
  • Josh Hughes, Development Manager: Read at least one book a month
  • Shannon Sorrells, Marketing Manager: Collaborate with departments for a more cohesive project management experience. One Company. One Vision. Break down the silos and work together towards a common goal. Personally, I’d like to make time for ME. Rest. Create. Be Present. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Lori Gooding, VP of Human Resources: Develop and execute better routines around sleep, exercise and eating healthy. I did a lot of research and set some very realistic goals so I can be successful.
  • Lauren Baker, Registered Interior Designer: Reconnect with old friends that I haven’t talked to in awhile and make more time to see them in person to catch up
  • Alex Cox, Operations Reporting & Business Data Analyst: Complete a Sprint Triathlon. Being born with gills will make the running portion quite difficult!
  • Jennifer Macaluso, Accounts Payable Manager: Work to better understand the daily duties and processes of a Property Manager
  • Scott Sladek, COO: Host more effective meetings and better follow-up by utilizing the tips and tools from The Distilled Man video shown at the December Buckingham Insight… and eat less sugar
  • Jennifer Salemme, Executive Assistant: To find three new ways to manage my time more efficiently
  • Mike Trevillian, Regional Vice President: Turn great opportunities into great accomplishments and to not base my happiness off my ‘to-do’ list
  • Becca Manolov, Director of Community Relations: Focus on family fun. Read more. Run a 10K. Help my dad on the farm. VACATION!
  • Kennadi Hughes, Regional Property Manager: Reward and recognize the talent and efforts of my team members and to fully understand (and accommodate) their needs, wants and desires to grow in 2019
  • Mary Glenn, TaCCs Property Manager: Be patient and less hard on myself
  • Nicole Wetzler, Executive Assistant: To learn something new every day, whether this be in my role at work or learning what other colleagues from different departments do. Striving to learn something new every day will give me a well-rounded understanding of our business, as well as help me work more efficiently and effectively with those around me.
Jessica Foster


Buckingham Welcomes New Faces

Buckingham is thrilled to welcome two new team members to the Buckingham family. Please welcome Josh Landry, Executive Vice President of Production, and Tina Hamor, Regional Vice President for Property Management.

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