Our Senior Marketing Manager, Nicole Crosby, has been invited to speak at the Yardi Marketing Forum this week in Austin, Texas. Her presentation will focus on nudge messages, SMS text messaging, and social media during the Thursday keynote presentation “Getting heard in a Noisy World.” Those in the audience will learn how to stand out in a world that’s consistently filled with digital content by reviewing different communication channels that customers prefer and which of those receive the best response.

Being in the industry for over 30 years, we think we’ve seen it all, but every year something else amazes us. One marketing tool that did just that as well as help us increase our conversion rate from website visitor to lead contact by 350% was the on-page messaging. A marketing firm in Indianapolis introduced us to this tool that offered a ‘pop up’ on the website after a page visitor had been active for so long on the site. The pop up page encouraged the user to fill out a contact form for something in return. At the time, it was the location and deal of a car for the car dealership. For us, it was the perfect floor plan that meets your needs. The success metrics speak for themselves, including the nearly 90 website leads we received in the three months of using this service.

Text messaging is a resource all of us value, but not as much as our leasing teams. The convenience of a text follow-up for our leasing teams goes unmatched to any other CRM tool made available. By working with RentCafe, we were able to add SMS text messaging within CRM to five of our properties. By asking prospects to keep in touch via text messaging, our leasing teams send the initial opt in text in CRM while on the phone or having a conversation with the prospect. This allows them to make quick follow ups, and maybe a higher volume of conversion rates thanks to this tool’s convenience.

Social media is a source that everyone is using to gain new leads, but what about securing ones you already have? With Facebook pixels installed on our sites, we are able to remarket our Facebook ads to those who have visited our website within the past 180 days. This allows us to be in their newsfeed consistently by providing new content for them that they might not be able to find anywhere else.

Along with Nikki, Mallory Monsma, Marketing Leader of NALS Apartment Homes, will be discussing email communication, voice to text, and on-page text through custom pages during the keynote presentation. Other keynote presentations include lessons on increasing online presence and maximizing SEOs, finding new sources of income, better measurement of customer service, 2017 Yardi product enhancements, and how you can personalize each property while staying true to the corporate vision.

The Yardi Marketing Forum is sold out, but you can still join the general session live by tuning in Thursday to Facebook. Throughout the conference, join the chatter on social media by utilizing #YardiMktgForum. Have questions for Nikki? Connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more about her bag of tricks for garnering more leads for her properties! 

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