Two women using saw during a volunteer event.

Women in Construction Week

Buckingham Construction Services provides construction services across the United States, specializing in multifamily, student housing, commercial, medical/dental, renovation, redevelopment, and industrial/manufacturing. Our construction process relies on decades of experience from long tenured staff, especially these ladies who are the backbone of each project from vision to completing the project on time and budget. Meet our female leaders below and learn more about them and their industry expertise.

Rebecca Cunningham, Operations Manager

"I absolutely love working in the construction industry for a number of reasons. Everyone on our team is really the number one reason; it makes me love my job even more!

There are also so many amazing projects with unique items to solve for. It keeps me on my toes and there is never a dull moment. I am also fascinated with the rapid growth in the construction technology sector (I am a bit of a geek when it comes to that stuff). I really love watching it evolve and Buckingham has given me the opportunity to get creative and utilize a number of these new tools in order to benefit our team.

Finally, it is just plain cool to see all the hard work everyone has put in develop right in front of your eyes. One day it is just a plain piece of land, and then next thing you know, a beautiful building is there ready to foster a community.“

Emily Dodge, Project Engineer

"I love working in construction because it keeps me on my toes! This field is so dynamic and no two projects are alike. Regardless of how many years of experience you have, there’s always something to learn.

The women I work with are incredibly smart, driven, and often times leading the charge. I think the more we recognize and celebrate each other’s achievements in construction, the more we break down the stereotype that it’s a man’s field.

Being involved in the Rosemont Clubhouse renovation has been a stimulating opportunity. It’s one thing to sit behind a desk and look at progress photos, but another to have boots on the ground (literally). I’ve really enjoyed seeing firsthand how a project goes from a plan set to a finished building, and I take pride in knowing that I’ve been a part of it!"

Jenaye Hughes, Project Manager

"I love working in construction. I have always enjoyed building things. I enjoy problem solving and that’s the heart of construction – especially renovation. You never know what you’re going to find behind the walls. I also enjoy the psychology behind how construction and design influence our behavior in spaces."

Kay Piotrowicz, Project Engineer

"I love seeing something come to life from conceptual design to something someone uses daily. I have been able to be a part of both residential and commercial projects and it’s always a true joy to see a building come to life during the construction process and after when you see the end user benefit from the finished product. Whether it be their home, a store they shop at, a place they can receive healthcare or where they work.

I’ve enjoyed all the projects I have been involved in since being with Buckingham. I’ve been fortunate to have a little diversity in the projects I have been a part of since starting in 2018; memory care facilities, mixed use multi-family and our production office remodel. I love seeing something come to life from conceptual design to something someone uses daily so they were all fun projects to be a team member on."

Leslie Rich, Controller

"I’ve been working in construction for over 30 years and can honestly say every day brings on a new challenge. This is why I love it, no day is the same. Challenges come in all different sizes and shapes. In construction, the size can be large, such as CityWay and Aertson Midtown, which both brought on many challenges with their multiple buildings, businesses (hotel), and started as an empty lot. A process that continually amazes me – the birth and growth of a project, taking an empty lot and making it a place to live, dine and enjoy life."

Laurie Sego, Contract Administrator

"I have been involved in the construction industry since 1988. From 1988 – 2010, I worked off and on for a custom home builder. It was in 2011 that I made the move to the multi-family housing industry. Nate Stoops, VP Production Operations, and I began working together in 2012. His leadership and guidance has shaped me and molded me into the Contract Administrator that I am today.

My favorite part of the construction team is the people! The construction industry has the most wonderful, laid-back, down to earth people – from the site teams, the office workers, the subcontractors and vendors, to all the players in-between.

Seeing a project go from design to a finished product. Even though I am not involved with the actual physical construction of the building, I take pride in knowing that I am part of the team, even if it’s behind the scene."

Lynn Sommers, Project Accountant

"I love working in Construction because every day brings an opportunity to do or learn something new."

Lynda Weaver, Project Accountant

"I enjoy the whole process of construction starting with a raw piece of land and changing it into something that will last for many years. I appreciate all the talents and craftsmanship that it takes to achieve the finished product."