Buckingham Summer Intern Class of 2018

Buckingham Companies broaden the internship program this year to include more departments and properties for further educational and hands-on experience to high school graduates and current college students throughout the Midwest. Our program now includes 16 students from six different colleges in Michigan, Iowa, Chicago, and Indiana. The program allows students to focus on one of Buckingham’s main pillars, property management, construction, development and acquisitions, and learn from industry leaders within that role. Meet some of our new team members and a fun fact about each of them:

Assets & Acquisitions

Travis Bloodgood, University of Michigan (Corporate)

Fun fact: I have held a wild black bear cub, and I've been on national television while attending basketball games at both Villanova and Michigan.

Kevin Freije, Northwestern University (Corporate)

Fun fact: My family is Lebanese, and it's a huge portion of my identity! I spent a month or two a year there on average grwoing up, and anyone who knows me also knows that I won't stop talking about it.


Megan Dunham, Iowa State University (Corporate)

Fun fact: I took four years of Mandarin/Chinese in high school, but I just finished a semester abroad in Rome, Italy.

Operations & IT

Ron Harrington, Graduate Student at Ball State University (Corporate)

Fun fact: I collect The Been Here mugs from Starbucks, which helps when I’ve been to 36 states.


Alec Hassfurther, Purdue University (Corporate)

Fun fact: I have two sisters that are adopted from China, and I just finished a short study abroad trip over in Ireland!

Ross Shafer, Purdue University (Corporate)

Fun fact: Before attending Purdue, I was a crane operator and am a fourth-generation farmer.

Property Management

Trevor Bowerbank, Grace College (Monon Living)

Fun fact: I just returned from a 10-day trip to Europe, where I visited France, Monaco, and Italy. I also race dirt bikes in the IXCR Series.

Ben Parks, Ball State University (Quail Run and Reserve at William’s Glen)

Fun fact: I am a MASSIVE Michigan University fan. GO BLUE! I will also be the first person in my family to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Emily Schoenle, Ball State University (Providence at Old Meridian)

Fun fact: I love trying new foods; I'll try anything at least once. And I love to adventure outside as much as I can whether it’s hiking or camping.

Jarrett Simon, Ball State University (Whetstone Flats)

Fun fact: I’m left handed, and I’ve been skydiving.

Amber Secrest, Purdue University (Fieldstone at Glenwood Crossing)

Fun fact: Last summer, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. I once had a viral tweet that was featured in Cosmopolitan and Seventeen Magazine, but you might also know me from an episode of America's Got Talent.

Andreas Hji-Avgoustis, Ball State University (The Langston)

Fun fact: My family is Greek, which also fuels my love to travel. And my favorite sport is rugby.

Mariah Roberts, Ball State University (The Foundry)

Fun fact: I’m engage to a US Army Soldier and dog mom to a one year old lab.

Damoria Martin, Ball State University (Governor Square)

Fun fact: I was a leasing consultant with Buckingham Companies prior to my internship and was recently engaged.

Jordan Sherman, Ball State University (Gramercy)

Fun fact: I’m from Upstate New York, and last year, I attended the NAA conference in Atlanta.

Abby Hayes, Purdue University (Aertson Midtown)

Fun fact: My dream state to live in is Tennessee, which is why my summer internship at Aertson is perfect! Other than that, I average three cups of coffee every day while planning trips to Ireland and London over the next year.