Buckingham Raises the Bar with Ten New Summer Team Members

Executive Vice President Scott Sladek welcomed the group with an introduction of Buckingham and the goal of the program. “Two years ago, we only had one intern working with us in property management. To see the program grow to nine individuals, all from different universities and all working in different departments is pretty incredible.”

Our new members will gain experience in property management, marketing, finance and acquisitions, and operations. This experience will hopefully guide them in the right direction towards what they wish to do as a career after graduation, and hopefully, want to return to Buckingham.

Communication and feedback is crucial from these members to ensure they are gaining the most from this experience, new ideas and methods are developed to make the business process more fluid, and that the new members are given real world experience for them to reflect on.

The company’s 2017 mission is to grow the Buckingham index, and with this program, we hope to do just that. Let’s meet the new faces that we’ll see around Buckingham these next few months:

Whitney Smith



Department: Development

“I really enjoy the idea of developing properties for the best use for that community. I hope to build my skills as a designer and professional while working for Buckingham this summer.”

Drew Law


Illinois College

Department: Property Management

“I’m excited to learn skills and experience what property managers do on a daily basis. I want to narrow down what I plan to do after graduation, and this experience should help with that.”

Tara Ames


Belmont University

Department: Property Management

“I’m really excited to get to learn a new field of work and use some marketing skills. I love that Aertson Midtown is a new property so we can all learn and build together!”

Evan Snodgrass


Indiana University

Department: Assets and Acquisitions Development

“I am most excited to begin learning the ins and outs of the real estate development process. I am eager to meet the team and begin working for such an exciting company and industry.”

Jennifer Reynoza


Kaplan University

Department: Property Management

“I’m excited to start this internship so I can start building relationships with my residents and co-workers. Also, I’m excited to learn more about property management and how it’s done.”

Rachael Sloan


Ball State University

Department: Property Management

“I can’t wait to get experience in property management. I’m excited to work with the Buckingham team and Buckingham Foundation.”

Abby Hayes


Purdue University

Department: Property Management

“I am excited to grow my leadership and communication skills during my Buckingham internship. It is thrilling to work for a company that promotes growth and development in their residents and their employees.”

Zach Foster


Grace College

Department: IT/Operations

“I am looking forward to working with Steve and Shanenn this summer and to be able to gain hands-on experience in property management, operations, and IT for a large real estate firm.”

Lauren House


Butler University

Department: Marketing

"I thoroughly enjoy new challenges and love learning the ins and outs of marketing, and I can tell I'll really learn a lot from the team here. All the while, I hope to gain tons of hands-on experience and immerse myslef in what Buckingham is all about."

Preston Tobin


University of Utah

Department: Acquisition and Asset Management

"I am looking forward to learning and growing beside the experienced acquisitions team here at Buckingham. I hope to gain fundamental knowledge within the real estate industry that I can use moving forward."

We're excited to welcome these new faces to the team and can't wait to see what obsacles they overcome and successes they are able to achieve at the end of the program!