Buckingham Makes The 2023 Elite 1% ORA® Power Ranking

The Top 1% Of The Nation's Apartment Communities Ranked By ORA®

J Turner Research announces the 2023 Elite 1% ORA® Power Ranking of conventional properties with the best online reputation in the nation based on individual ORA® scores. A total of 1,285 properties made the Elite list for the stellar resident experience they offer. The ORA® Power Ranking is based on the relative strength of over 140,000 properties across various review sites and ILSs.

To be eligible for the 2023 Elite 1% ranking, a property had to register a minimum ORA® Score of 95 as of December 2023. For properties with the same ORA® score, the property with the higher number of reviews ranked higher.

We are exceptionally proud to announce the 5 Buckingham Properties that achieved the 2023 Elite 1% ranking from J Turner -

  1. Fosters Landing – Rank #274 with ORA score of 97
  2. The Century – Rank #461 with ORA score of 96
  3. The Cole – Rank #494 with ORA score of 96
  4. White House Landing – Rank #643 with ORA score of 96
  5. Mosaic at Levis Commons – Rank #827 with ORA score of 95

We take immense pride in our teams for being recognized as an ORA® Elite 1% property by J Turner Research. It takes consistency and hard work to excel in customer service day in and day out. When residents are happy, it reflects in favorable online reputation. Congratulations to our teams and thank you to our residents for expressing their appreciation for our community online.

Follow the link below for J Turner's official announcement of the 2023 Elite 1% Rankings.

​​​​​Announcing 2023 ORA® Power Ranking Elite 1% | J Turner Research