Map showcasing all the Buckingham Foundation volunteer locations

Buckingham Foundation Day of Service 2018

Buckingham Foundation organizes the annual Buckingham Day of Service where all corporate and site employees leave their desks and offices for an afternoon of volunteering in the community. With over 325 employees serving at 40 different nonprofits, the impact our team made was outstanding!

Here are some numbers:

  • Westminster:

    • 400 mailings prepared, 50 ornaments hung, 35 t-shirt bags made to be used for grocery shopping
    • 25 shelves re-stocked of food
    • 55 shrubs winterized
  • Midwest Food Bank

    • 3,150 pounds of food repackaged for distribution
  • Humane Society of Johnson County

    • Cleaned over 5 cat rooms
    • 20 kitty boxes cleaned
    • 2 dogs fully entertained for the afternoon
  • Tube Factory

    • 13 chickens served (not as meals)
    • 20 volunteers
    • 1 new chicken dome built (new home for 8 chickens)
    • 1,000 square-feet of garage painted using 5 gallons of paint
  • Morning Dove

    • 1 Vice President dressed as Santa

These numbers don't even compare to the over 2,000 volunteer hours our team served all in one day. We are thankful to be part of a generous community and can't wait to see what our team accomplishes next year for Day of Service!