Buckingham Foundation Creates Lending Libraries

August 11 was no ordinary work day for 30 enthusiastic Buckingham volunteers. Although a 7 am start time is not unusual for some, it’s generally not accompanied by the sounds of table saws, power drills and good natured bantering between departments! Our hard working group had signed up for the Buckingham Third Quarter Volunteer Initiative, and they were ready to roll with work gloves in hand.

The charge for this quarterly volunteer project was to assemble and stock 25 "Lending Libraries" to be installed at Buckingham apartment communities throughout the midwest. Through a partnership with Buckingham Foundation, team members have developed an appreciation for supporting our communities and giving back in a hands-on fashion. Our volunteers were excited to help promote literacy and early childhood reading, providing a huge selection of books to our residents and families.

By the end of the day, our Buckingham Lending Libraries were assembled and stocked with books which had been donated by employees and residents via a book drive campaign. Our intrepid volunteers were tired, hot, dusty, but most importantly thrilled that they had been able to use a work day to participate in yet another Buckingham Foundation volunteer initiative. The libraries will soon be installed at their new, permanent homes and we look forward to supporting many happy readers for years to come!