Employee group photo of Buckingham employees at the Blue Door Society event

Blue Door Society 2019 Inductees

Hiring and retaining outstanding performers who embody Buckingham’s Mission, Vision, Values & Key Success Qualities is essential to the growth and development of the company. Established in May 2015, the Buckingham Blue Door Society is a special recognition program providing an opportunity to recognize those employees who have achieved more than five years of service with Buckingham. The purpose of this organization is to recognize tenured employees and celebrate those who've dedicated their careers to bettering the Buckingham portfolio.

As a member of the Blue Door Society each member receives:

  • Vested incentives ranging from $1,000 - $10,000 for full-time employees and $500 - $5,000 for part-time employees.
  • Blue Door Society apparel and lapel pin.
  • Spotlight acknowledgements of members in Buckingham Wins newsletter.
  • Social media campaign welcoming new members.
  • Additional Blue Door Day for time off with family and friends.
  • Paid vacation valued from $1,000 - $2,500 for 15 and 20 years.
  • $2,500 jewelry certification for members who achieve 25 years of service.

"The Blue Door Society is important for the Buckingham culture because it shows how valued long tenured employees really are," says Jennifer Salemme, a 16-year Buckingham employee for the Development team. "Not only does it recognize that value but it gives the company an opportunity to celebrate it!"

Each year at the Buckingham Leadership Conference, recognition will be awarded for 5 years; 10 years; 15 years; 20 years; and 25 years of service. All Blue Door Society members are invited and encouraged to attend the Induction Ceremony held at the Annual Conference. Of our 337 Buckingham employees, 29% are in the Blue Door Society.

"The Blue Door Society reminds me to take time to celebrate our long term achievements. Our long term employees are a strong part of the Buckingham culture and pave the way future successes. As a member, I see my part in the company’s accomplishments and remember that together, we can make a difference," says Rachel Miller, seven year Buckingham employee who's worked on-site and now is part of the Operation's team.

Throughout the year, many opportunities are taken to recognize this special group of teammates; from the Blue Door Society logo placed outside a member’s corporate office space to colored ribbons on the member’s nametag at the Buckingham Leadership Conference.

Blue Door Society incentives are vested (even split) over the course of two years. Members with anniversary dates from January-July will be awarded the incentive at the Buckingham Leadership Conference. Members with anniversary dates from August-December will receive the incentives paid in the member’s anniversary month of the same calendar year, with the announcement of their milestone at the following Conference date. The following schedule outlines the incentive program and perks:

5 Years: $1,000 Vested Incentive

10 Years: $2,500 Vested Incentive

15 Years: $4,000 Vested Incentive & $1,000 Paid Vacation

20 Years: $7,500 Vested Incentive & $2,500 Paid Vacation

25 Years: $10,000 Vested Incentive & $2,500 Jewlery Certificate

*The Blue Door Society replaces any previous tenure or anniversary recognition program. Vacations must be taken within one year of the presented award.

We'd like to recognize our employees who are being inducted into the program for the first time or are current members of the Blue Door Society:

Carmen Sporleder, Accounting, 26 years

Kathy Dreher, Operations, 18 years

Linda Ferrill, Management, 17 years

Nick Santi, Spring Mill, 16 years

Christine M. Jackowiak, The Foundry, 16 years

Tim Hinds, CapEx & Maintenance, 16 years

Jennifer Salemme, Development, 16 years

Jennifer L. Macaluso, Accounting, 15 years

Jill H. Lewis, Management, 15 years

Rose M. Rigdon, Gramercy, 15 years

Chris Myrvold, Accounting, 15 years (09/30/2019)

Jane E. Kennedy, Accounting, 15 years (11/02/2019)

Jeremy Marks, Commercial Real Estate, 14 years

Jamie A. Allen, Legal Counsel, 14 years

Shanenn R. Darks, Operations, 14 years

Mike Hassell, Accounting, 12 years

Joanna F. Elpers, Management, 12 years

Rick Kersey, Construction, 12 years

Kristen L. LaPorte, Development, 12 years

Stefanie E. Cord, Operations, 11 years

Jason M. Hertenstein, Urban Living & Library Square, 11 years

Andy Klineman, Legal Counsel, 11 years

Bill Chambers, Operations, 11 years

Rodney E. Neubauer, Bradford Place, 11 years

Tony L. Anderson, Construction, 11 years

Helenann Klukowski, The Foundry, 11 years

Buddie Nichols, Gramercy, 10 years

Tom Clark, Construction, 10 years

Ebony C. Oliver, The Langston, 10 years

Brad Reed, Northlake Village, 10 years

Katie Reed, Management, 10 years

Larry Gaskill, The Foundry, 10 years (09/28/2019)

Marianne L. Norris, The Foundry, 10 years (11/10/2019)

Michele Glaze, Management, 9 years

Shane Wells, IT, 9 years

Michael Waters, The Foundry, 9 years

Larry Grimes, Bradford Place, 9 years

Leslie Rich, Construction, 9 years

Shannon D. Johnson, Accounting, 8 years

Theresa F. Rhodes, Buckingham Foundation, 8 years

Mary L. Glenn, Preserve at Crossroads, 8 years

Drew Fishbaugh, Construction, 8 years

Lori L. Gooding, Human Resources, 8 years

Beth Cash, Accounting, 8 years

Emily M. Davis, Human Resources, 8 years

Brian P. Haley, Construction, 8 years

Tom Muller, Construction, 8 years

Nicole L. Crosby, Marketing, 8 years

Lynda Weaver, Construction, 8 years

Justine Massonnier-Sharp, Development, 8 years

Harold G. West, Bradford Run, 8 years

Becca Manolov, Management, 8 years

Timika Q. Johnson, Compliance, 7 years

Chelsie Walker, CityWay - Residences, 7 years

Rick Donnella, Bradford Ridge, 7 years

Jim Smith, Marketing, 7 years

Daniel Byam, The Foundry, 7 years

Rahsaan A. Smith, Commercial Real Estate, 7 years

Chris Kiel, The Cole, 7 years

Rachel Miller, Operations, 7 years

Samantha A. Young, Urban Living, 6 years

Ashley R. Parker, CityWay - Residences, 6 years

Amy S. Grubbs, Foster's Landing, 6 years

Evan J. Corcoran, Gramercy, 6 years

Roy R. Whited, Heritage Trail, 6 years

Mark L. Johnson, Shady Oak Village, 6 years

Amanda B. Corey, Heritage Trail, 6 years

Derrick Black, The Langston, 6 years

Johanna M. Bastin, Accounting, 6 years

Jason T. Reitzel, CityWay, 6 years

Scott M. Noll, IT, 6 years

Kellie J. Linzner, Compliance, 6 years

Alvaro A. Villanueva, Reserve at William's Glen, 6 years

Ryan M. Gallmeyer, Development, 6 years

Chuck Newton, The Cole, 6 years

Justeen M. Piasecki, CityWay, 6 years

Brian M. Zawadzki, Gramercy, 6 years

Nicole R. Wetzler, Management, 5 years

Scott A. Sladek, Management, 5 years

Paige M. Walker, Library Square, 5 years

Sean W. Morrison, Construction, 5 years

Kennadi L. Hughes, Management, 5 years

Tera M. Odom, Operations, 5 years

Jeff Clark, Construction, 5 years

Greg L. Campbell, CapEx & Maintenance, 5 years

Kevin P. Kilcoyne, Construction, 5 years

Rosey Morgan, Human Resources, 5 years

Shannon L. Sorrells, Marketing, 5 years

Scott Reid, Austin Landing, 5 years

Doug Hart, CityWay - Residences, 5 years

Justin Brown, Capital Management, 5 years

Ashley Grindel, Northlake Village, 5 years (08/25/2019)

Angela E. Brown, The Cole, 5 years (09/22/2019)

Shelena K. Stevens, Bradford Place, 5 years (10/14/2019)

Kate Coker, Stonybrook Commons, 5 years (11/24/2019)

Kristin N. Haggard, Monon Living, 5 years (11/24/2019)

Bonnie J. Morris, White House Landing, 5 years (12/08/2019)

*Bold indicates new inductees, dates after certain names indicates their anniversaries and will be inducted at the Annual Conference the following year