Art Finds Its Place at Aertson Midtown

“The Art of Living” is more than the design and structure of each building Buckingham constructs for its portfolio; it goes deeper than that. The art of living is about creating an environment, a gathering place to live and play - through unique amenity offerings, functionality, green space, use of technology, and public art that creates a special experience for anyone who interacts with the project. Aertson Midtown is no exception to that.

Each of the pieces you find within Kimpton Aertson Hotel and Aertson Midtown are specifically curated and site specific for Aertson. An international collection of materials will be brought in and displayed in the lobby, the 8th floor residential leasing center, and each hotel room. Artists chosen for these art installations include Duncan Johnson, Anne Lindberg, Jaehyo Lee, Cha Jong-Rye, Ara Peterson, and Oliver Marsden.

From wood pieces to abstract geometric oil paintings, each piece speaks of the artists it comes from and their background in developing their specific skill. “By injecting special moments and touches with each project, we are able to keep the Buckingham brand alive and show that no two projects are the same,” says Justine Sharp, development and design manager of Buckingham Companies. “Aertson Midtown, and other Buckingham projects, allow us as designers to bring more to the table with our approach and how we do things that are trending.”

These curated art pieces will be on display throughout Aertson beginning May 2017. But Sharp says they aren’t done there. “The struggle of a designer is that the job is never complete. Improvements can be made, upgraded technology comes and goes, and art is something that continues to need a voice and opportunity to shine.”