Our Buckingham team submitted their 2021 predictions for the real estate industry as it pertains to their specific department. From maintenance to marketing, see what our team is looking forward to (and some are fearing) as we head into the new year.

Evan Corcoran, Senior Maintenance Supervisor

  • I predict residents will be looking to move to locations that are suburban to decrease their cost of living.   
  • Parts and supply material for repairs will continue to cost more and businesses may look to recoup this cost in other areas of the budget.
  • The cost to operate a small business, such as painting or cleaning, will rise, which will impact the salary of employees, who may leave for better opportunities, and in return, cost more for the business hiring the vendor.


Jess Foster, Marketing Operations Manager

The current restrictions the government is applying to search engines and social media channels will be the saving grace for the internet listing providers and their business module, which was declining over the years with the rise of Google Ads. 


Matt Barbiea, Senior Director of Business Solutions & Ancillary Services

  • Companies will need to develop strategies for the next wave of connectivity infrastructure (5G, WiFi-6, etc.) as devices and people's connectivity will continue to be a primary focus area.   
  • As more workers can safely return to the office, companies will need to focus on communicating and collaborating in hybrid work structures, as many employees will continue to work from home. 


Justine Massonnier, Director of Design & Production Operations

The post-Covid world is allowing us to focus on health and wellness and reconsider how we approach new projects moving forward. 


Ashley Gibson, Talent Acquisitions Manager

Remote hiring is here to stay. This has been a rough year for many, but it has also helped us discover the value to be gained by breaking away from the traditional ways of doing work. Companies that were previously married to the in-person model are now reaping the rewards of remote hiring.


Nate Stoops, Vice President of Production

  • Drone technology and use will become widespread (especially self-guided drones) for material deliveries, site mapping (LIDAR), and general use in construction progress tracking/documentation.
  • Construction is inherently not a “work from home” type of industry, but the tools used will be highly invested in to allow for less jobsite visits and overall travel for government entities as well as larger companies seeking to reduce project costs.
  • Construction sustainability will be revamped by the end of 2021 with additional government incentives in the pipeline.


Shanenn Bryant, Director of Training

Learning and development is becoming a must-have in your organization and should provide learners with micro-learning sessions, the ability to access learning through mobile devices and providing training when needed, on-demand.


Interested to see what comes true at the end of the year!


2021 Goals and Resolutions

2020 was a tough year for everyone, but as we takeaway new lessons and experiences from 2020, we look to grow as we move into 2021. Our team members shared some of their goals and resolutions for 2021 with us:

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