2020 was a tough year for everyone, but as we takeaway new lessons and experiences from 2020, we look to grow as we move into 2021. Our team members shared some of their goals and resolutions for 2021 with us:

Lori Gooding, Vice President of Human Resources, Operations: I received a book for Christmas called “Greatness” and the 4 pillars in that book – Focus, Passion, Mental Toughness and Selflessness are guiding me in my resolutions for 2021. I have written some individual goals around each pillar and under the pillar Passion, it includes the word FUN and I definitely want more of that in 2021. If the Pandemic and the strange year of 2020 taught me anything, the 4 pillars this book lays out are more relevant than ever and can be applied to your professional and personal life.  

Chris Reckley, Acquisitions Associate, Production: My wife and I want to be more cognizant of the time we spend together and have phones completely away during meals or something as simple as watching tv. It’s hard to unplug sometimes, but we want to be sure we enjoy the little things. 

Shannon Sorrells, Marketing Manager, Operations: I'd love to use the word SIMPLIFY and carry it through all aspects of my life. I think this past year has given the world deeper understanding of the people and things that truly matter in our lives. I'd like to focus this year on being more intentional with the things (and even people) I surround myself with and keep only those that bring my family and I joy. 

Mike Hassell, Accounting Manager, Operations: I have two: 1) To finish what I started. I have several books I have started but not yet finished. My New Year resolution would be to finish those books. And 2) To be kind with all people; to be kind with my thoughts toward them, to be kind with my words toward them and to be kind with my actions toward them. The old adage applies here, treat others how you want to be treated. #Be Kind! 

Nicole Wetzler, Executive Assistant, Operations: Like many others, I chose a word for my resolution/goal which is focus. 2020 was a year of tribulation for me, I struggled with things both personally and professionally. For 2021 I am choosing to focus; to focus my energy on the positives – to focus on myself and my family – to focus on my faith, my career, my wellbeing…. I will no longer focus on the negative. I was also gifted a Charles Stanley Bible for Christmas that I plan to put my “focus” in, with a goal to read it through by end of year. 

Jim Smith, Senior Marketing & Creative Director, Operations: My 2021 resolution is both personal and professional – be proactive and be aggressive. I feel like I spent most, if not all of 2020 just helplessly “waiting to see what happens next.” There were so many unknowns that it seemed the only way to navigate life and that way of thinking crept into all aspects of daily life for me. Although this past year was a stark reminder that we can’t control everything, it’s important to recognize the things we can control, and go after them. Regain the confidence and optimism that was stripped away from us in 2020 and start fresh with new ideas and forward progress.  

Holly Jordan, Multi-site Property Manager, Providence at Old Meridian: 2021 is a year of new focus and energy for me and I have decided that rather than setting several different goals for myself, I’m focusing on one word: intention. I want to be intentional in what I do professionally and personally. I am striving to be intentional not only in the what I do, but the WHY I do it.  

Rosey Morgan, Training & Development Coordinator, Operations: My Goals for 2021 are to cook at home more often – it’s just me so it is much easier to just go through a drive-thru and get something; I need to be more active and drink more water; and I want to adopt a new 4-legged friend who will help me accomplish the first one on the list! I am looking forward to growing professionally in 2021 and the exciting things we have planned for Training and Employee Development this year. 

Cory Hofstetter, Property Manager, Aertson Midtown: This year I will be focused on personal health and professional education. My professional goal for 2021 is to learn as much as possible from my resources as well as resources provided here at Buckingham. I would like to utilize that knowledge to better teach and train my team and assist those around me. Personally, I am looking to focus on a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. I plan on being in the gym, eating well and working toward an all-around healthier version of myself. 

Chelsie Walker, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, Operations: I have a goal to read one new book per month. I’m trying to increase reading for fun! 

Kristen LaPorte, Development Analyst, Production: I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions because if it isn’t something that I can do every day or would want to do every day, then it isn’t something that will stick for me. Rather, I focus on words that will lead to actions. My words this year are Collaborate & Listen. Now, perhaps I was listening to some old-school Vanilla Ice when I made this decision, but they seemed to resonate. As Buckingham continues to grow, it is even more important for our teams & departments to collaborate on opportunities, ideas, and best practices to continue to make us a leader in the industry. And part of collaborating is making sure that I’m listening to the ideas and opinions that others are offering. 

Emily Davis, Director of Human Resources, Operations: The professional curveballs and not-so-normal lifestyle of 2020 forced me to slow down and to breathe heading into 2021…I’ll accept the things I cannot change, have courage to change the things I can and – ultimately – have the wisdom to know the difference. Instead of worrying about when things will get back to normal (whatever normal is), I want to focus on being present in the moment. I realized that my go-to is to always problem solve, but in the new year I want to be more intentional with observation and appreciating “what is”. Even before 2020, I hated surprises – but now that the year has come to an end, I want to focus on accepting uncertainty so that I don’t miss a moment of life with my family that I was too busy worrying about before. 

Jennifer Macaluso, Accounts Payable Manager, Operations: My resolution for this year is to build on what I learned in 2020 which is family time is precious time. Avoid blaming the world for everything; in the end, we are responsible for our own actions, and remain positive at all cost. 


Coming Soon: Woodburn Exchange

Buckingham Production team is proud to officially announce the July closing of the Anthem Cincinnati project. The project has been named Woodburn Exchange, as an homage to the original building on the site.

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